Terms & Conditions

The below terms and conditions shall constitute the agreement between parties living in countries or regions outside Hong Kong and Chineseweddingshop.com. Parties interested in purchasing merchandise from chineseweddingshop.com (hereinafter "Members" or "Customers") should understand and agree to the following terms and conditions before placing an order.

2.Orders and Delivery
In the event that delivery could not be completed due to an error in the customer’s data entry, we will bear no responsibility. If the customer would like to have the order re-shipped to the correct address, then we will ask the customer to pay the actual, full price of the shipping costs. After placing an order, order contents (such as size, color, or quantity) and the shipping address information cannot be changed. Orders cannot be cancelled or changed in any way once they have been confirmed. We strive to ship your order within 7 business days from the day it was placed. (Excluding Saturday, Sunday, holidays, and days in which we are closed for business) Customers should investigate the rules and regulations regarding importing into their country, including goods restricted for import, before placing an order. In the unlikely event that an ordered item is not allowed for import into the customer’s country, we cannot accept responsibility for the items. We cannot provide any refunds or exchanges to the customer for the item or cost of delivery.

3.Delivery and Handling Charges
Delivery and handling charges are set based on the weight of ordered merchandise and those charges include the postage and insurance fees, etc. They should be paid together with the total amount of the ordered merchandise by credit card. In the event that a customer refuses to accept the delivery of an order, or if an order is returned to us after the retention period at the post office has passed after failed delivery attempts, we cannot provide a refund for the shipping and handling costs. Additionally, we will subtract the actual amount of the shipping costs from the item subtotal before making a refund.

Credit Card (Visa Or MasterCard) PayPal

5.Customs Duties and Export Certificates
Orders may be subject to import tax, value tax, customs handling fees, and/or delivery fees in some countries or regions. In this case, the Customer (or the recipient if the merchandise is not shipped to the Customer) should be responsible for the payment of for any such taxes or fees. In the event that the delivery of an order is delayed due to trouble or processing at customs, we bear no responsibility for this situation. We do not issue any proof of export documents, such as proof of country of origin, or export visas.

6.Exahange and return
To be eligible for return and/or exchange of merchandise, customers must contact Chineseweddingshop.com with information regarding the items, which wished to be returned within 10 days of receipt of shipment, by e-mail. After contact, we will only accept returns of items that we have confirmed for return. (please take 3 photo which appoint where the goods defective and damaged clearly and your name, member’s number, and order number, email to : customer@chineseweddingshop.com)
We won’t accept a return and/or exchange if customers contact us after the 10-day, or returns the merchandise to us without prior notice.
Please check the following reason as the standard rule for exchange goods:

1.The good is not as same as the customer order.(wrong item)
2.The good is damaged or defective.

(For the above reasons, there are no need to send the goods back, but must take 3 photo which appoint Where the goods defective and damaged clearly and email to : customer@chineseweddingshop.com Customer Service) If the Customer is not satisfied with the items (ex. color or print, the size does not fit, etc.), the Customer is responsible for all shipping costs incurred´╝îsend the items back to Chineseweddingshop.com by air parcel after Chineseweddingshop.com CS agree to return the goods within 3 days. We’ll refund your payment by credit card. (The currency is by Hong Kong Dollars ONLY)

We do not accept returns in the following reasons:

A) Customer has not informed Chineseweddingshop.com about returns within 10 days after the receipt of the goods
B) Goods that have been used or worn once
C) Items without the original case or package
D) The package has been opened
E) Items, which has been adjusted or cleaned by customer.
F) Item that has been soiled or damaged by the Customer (cosmetics, fragrance, smells included)

Chineseweddingshop.com reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions as necessary.

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